Precious Metal Clay Tutorials


Awesomely Cool Jewelry Designer...

Everybody check out this link: I found her a few years ago and her work is so awesome! Zoltar commands you to visit her shop!
My new equipment and supplies arrive via UPS last night and I can't wait to set up the metalsmith workshop this weekend!! Beautiful new rings and earrings will soon be available in my shop @


So I have branched out in yet another direction with my jewelry. I have added metalsmithing to my multi-faceted jewelry design business. I am in the process of setting up my home shop and will be up and running within the week. I will now be able to add a new dimension to my jewelry (I can't wait to make beautiful natural stone rings) and I am also offering classes in silversmithing for anyone interested in learning this exciting way of constructing jewelry. For more information, visit or email

Check out this article in our local publication The Amplifier. So nice of them to feature my jewelry design company Bygone Baubles Jewelry. :o)
I have been very busy with special orders and trying to establish my etsy website ( I've also been busy finding new venues to carry my jewelry. You can find me at Tea Squares Boutique in beautiful downtown Bowling Green, KY and hopefully soon you will also find me in a couple different boutiques in Port Charlotte Florida. I am currently working on expanding into that area.. Gotta love beach towns! If you are a handmade seller or if you are a boutique looking to carry handmade items, check out this new website . They are a unique company that markets handmade artists and their items to boutiques across the country who are looking for new and fresh merchandise. Such a great idea that streamlines the process of connecting boutiques with artists and VERY reasonable packages. I plan to do this very soon!

A Very Busy Past Couple Months...

The last couple months have been very busy. I taught myself how to make sterling silver earwires which are much prettier and unique than store bought, mass produced items. I have also been busy teaching Basic Beading classes and Techniques in Precious Metal Clay classes. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning this fulfilling and potentially profitable craft, contact me at I would also like to report that you can now find Bygone Baubles Jewelry at Tea Squares Boutique in beautiful downtown Bowling Green, Kentucky. Stop by and check it out and buy some of their wonderful cake while you are there. Remember to buy local and support local businesses and artists! Just say no to mass produced! ;o)

“How we choose to adorn ourselves makes a statement about who we are.”

 I’ve been in the arts all my life and if I’m not creating I feel totally lost. I love creating art for people and nothing pleases me more than to create a piece of jewelry and see someone wearing and enjoying it! I began making bead jewelry about 10 years ago and discovered Precious Metal Clay quite by accident while doing an internet search to find a silver-smithing class. I wanted to expand my bead jewelry by incorporating unique, one of a kind, precious metal adornments and focal pieces so PMC has allowed me to do just that.

Whether you desire ready-made jewelry or wish to have the fruits of your own imagination brought to life through my custom creation services or want to learn more about creating your own pieces of precious metal jewelry, Bygone Baubles is here to assist you.

What is Precious Metal Clay:

Precious Metal Clay is a clay-like substance that becomes pure precious metal after it is fired in a kiln. It contains microscopic particles of precious metal (silver, gold or platinum) suspended in an organic binder combined with a small amount of water.
Precious Metal Clay was invented by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation in Japan and has only been available in the United States for a few years. I discovered PMC quite accidentally while doing an internet search for silver-smithing classes and decided instead to take a couple courses on how to work with Precious Metal Clay.

Due to its consistency, Precious Metal Clay can be formed using techniques often employed in clay work. It can be sculpted, molded, carved, stamped and more! After the piece has been prepared to your satisfaction, it is air dried and then fired in a kiln at between 1450 and 1650F for up to 2 hours (times vary depending on the manufacturer's directions for the specific product being used). The end result is pure fine silver, gold or platinum.